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Tired of juggling installation crews, unreliable timelines, and last-minute storage snags? We're the experts in making office furniture setups a breeze. From secure warehousing and seamless logistics to flawless on-site installations, we take the entire process off your hands. Let us impress your clients with efficiency and professionalism, so you can focus on what you do best – closing deals and showcasing beautiful furniture. Get in touch today for a FREE quote!

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Ready to turn office setups into a powerful sales tool? Partner with Interior Management Group and watch your business thrive. Our expertise and unwavering reliability ensure seamless project execution, boosting client satisfaction and building trust with every installation.

  • Let's talk numbers: clear, fair, and straight to the point.

    Eliminate the guesswork and hidden fees in your client projects. We offer crystal-clear pricing, ensuring you can confidently manage your client's budgets and expectations. With us, your business is equipped to provide exceptional value, reassuring your clients they’re making the right choice.

  • Your schedule is our command—deadlines met, no exceptions.

    In our world, deadlines aren’t just suggestions—they’re promises. Understand that delays can cost your business dearly, and that’s not a worry we want you to have. We guarantee seamless transitions and timely project completions, because we know how valuable your time—and your clients’ time—truly is.

  • Embrace the future: tech-driven spaces for efficiency.

    Staying ahead isn't just an option; it's what we deliver. With our cutting-edge tech, the furniture you sell doesn't just fill a space—it transforms it. We're all about making things run smoothly and fitting perfectly, ensuring every project shines with future-ready brilliance.

  • Not just satisfied—thrilled. That's our measure for success.

    Satisfaction isn't just a goal for us; it's our whole journey. We tackle each detail with surgical precision and an artist's touch. Brace yourself to be not just satisfied, but truly impressed. The workspaces we help bring to life go beyond expectations, delivering everything your clients dream of and then some.

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Choose Interior Management Group for unparalleled expertise in office installations & logistics. Trust, quality, and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of every project.

  • Bay Area experience you can trust

    Benefit from our decades of experience delivering excellence in office space planning and execution.

  • One partner, every setup need

    From installation to relocation, our comprehensive services cover every aspect of office setup and management.

  • Customized solutions, exceptional results

    Experience a personalized service tailored to your specific office needs, ensuring a unique and effective workspace.

  • Licensed & insured

    Rest easy knowing you're in safe hands with our fully licensed and insured team, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

  • 25+

    years of experience

  • 5,000+

    successful projects

  • 30k+

    sq ft warehouse

Got clients counting on you for their office installation or relocation?

Tired of clients waiting on delayed installations? Imagine the look on their face when they walk into their new office, fully furnished and ready to go – on time. With a decade of setup expertise, we partner with showrooms and dealerships like you to deliver that "wow" moment.

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Forget the logistics headaches and focus on what you do best – selling amazing furniture. Interior Management Group provides a complete suite of services to streamline your client's office furniture journey, from secure storage to flawless installation. We handle everything with meticulous care, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for both you and your clients.

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Give your clients offices that help their business thrive. Partner with Interior Management Group and create workspaces that inspire their teams, make employees happy, and support growth. From flawless setups to smart space planning, we'll help your clients unlock their full potential.

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Explore our portfolio and witness the magic firsthand! We collaborate closely with furniture dealerships and showrooms like you to translate each client's unique vision into reality. Our projects showcase not only our installation expertise but also our ability to tailor workspaces that inspire and empower teams.

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Our expertise has been the choice of top-tier businesses across various sectors, from innovative tech firms to global financial institutions. This experience underscores our ability to meet the diverse needs of any organization, ensuring that no matter your size or industry, you're in capable hands. Let us bring that level of trust and excellence to your workspace transformation.

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Want happy clients spreading the word about your showroom? We take the weight off your shoulders by handling everything from secure storage to flawless setup. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your clients get a smooth, professional installation – every time. Let Interior Management Group be your trusted partner, building trust with your clients through stress-free furniture transitions. Get a FREE quote today and experience the difference!